• Attract, Engage & Convert Across All Channels

    Create seamless omnichannel experiences across WeChat, mobile, Web & offline touchpoints.


Helping Enterprises move at the speed of startups:

Integrate enterprise systems. Get CRM, WMS or ERP behind modern, safe & scalable APIs optimized for B2C apps.

Localize with ease. Enrich your existing infrastructure with local solutions (e.g. AliPay, WeChat login) without a hassle.

Break data silos. Manage increasingly fragmented buckets of data in a cross-channel & customer-centric way.

Case study

Starbucks & China: a mobile-first, omnichannel strategy

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What are you interested in?

  • s OMS

    Manage the order lifecycle, integrate with payment & report.

  • Payment

    Integrate with any form of payment: WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay...

  • Cross-border payment

    Receive orders from Chinese consumers, get paid in your local currency.

  • E-fapiao

    Generate and deliver an electronic fapiao upon purchase.

  • Promotions

    Manage & integrate coupons, gift cards and gifting programs.

  • PIM

    Manage your products and all of their related assets and data.

  • Social CRM

    Extend your CRM program with WeChat integrations and automation, manage your official account.

  • Membership & Loyalty

    Create membership and loyalty programs that engage users and reward loyal fans.

  • DMP

    Collect users data and activity, create smart segments and start leveraging personalized marketing.

  • RSVP & Check-in

    100% digital reservation and check-in for your attendees through WeChat, Web or mobile.

  • Engagement

    Create O2O engagement pieces through your event, target attendees based on their activity.

  • Analytics

    Get insights into your events, understand what your attendees want and personalize your marketing effort.

  • WeChat data

    Use WeChat UnionID/OpenID to consolidate user activity across platforms.

  • Google & Adobe

    Get all of your WeChat analytics in real-time into Google or Adobe Analytics.

  • Smart SDK

    Use our WeChat SDK and easily capture default and custom events across all of your mini-programs.

  • Booking

    Enable your customers to make appointments at your venues (e.g. expert consultation).

  • Forms

    Create and track online forms and surveys available across channels: WeChat, mobile, Web...

  • CMS

    Manage content for all channels (mobile, WeChat, Web...) with our headless CMS.

  • QRCode

    Manage and track custom QRCodes for WeChat; H5, OA, mini-programs...

  • Search

    Powerful full-text search optimized for the Chinese market.

  • Store locator

    Manage your venues and offer a powerful store locator for mobile, WeChat and Web apps.

How does it work?

On-premises middleware to extend & secure your backend.

Enterprise integration. OMNI is designed as a set of high performance and composable micro-services that integrate directly with your Enterprise systems: SAP Hybris, Salesforce Cloud, Oracle Siebel, ...

3rd party integrations. OMNI also directly integrates with 3rd parties from WeChat and Tmall to Facebook. It enriches your backend capabilities.

Omnichannel B2C APIs. OMNI offers modern RESTful APIs for building applications across any channel; WeChat mini-programs, POS integrations, Web apps, iOS and Android apps...

OMNI architecture